Mirrors are used regularly and unknowingly by people as they go about their everyday lives. Without realising, people check and accept their outward persona. Public toilets are a perfect example of where this unconscious evaluation takes place.




Derived from the words of Hume, ‘To hate, to love, to think, to feel, to see; all this is nothing but to perceive,’ came the idea for my text, ‘All is nothing but to perceive.’ To take the words out of context enables the viewer to interpret the meaning for themselves.

The text is present through the negative space of the vinyl, visible at eye level. When the onlooker looks into the mirror the text is viewed initially before noticing their manipulated reflection.  


Although my work was intended to be viewed first hand I documented the outcome in photographs. When doing so I was careful to ensure my own reflection wasn’t captured as I wanted everyone to be able to see the image and picture themselves in the setting. 
The installations were intentionally temporary. Only lasting as long as it took someone to come and peel them away. Only a small and random selection of people would get to participate. 




Creating an installation and then peeling it away myself, allowed me to document this process and capture the words being washed down the drain. This developed the design; the outcome more physical and ambiguous. The letters fall from the black rectangles on the mirror into the sink leaving a message behind.