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Unsustainable, cheap and processed foods are damaging our health and the environment.


FOUR FOOD is a loyalty card scheme aimed to encourage the public to buy better quality and sustainably sourced. 

There are four catergories of food included in the FOUR FOOD range; organic, free-range, locally produced or sustainably sourced. 

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Each time customers make a purchase from the FOUR FOOD range points will be added to their card. These can be redeemed by taking money off the bill or doubled in value and donated to charity.


At the end of receipts customers will receive a coupon for money off sustainable products. The coupon will vary depending on the content of the existing basket. If the consumer has purchased eggs, they will receive money off organic free range eggs next time they shop.

Process Book

A process book that documents all of the primary research carried out and my intial ideas before deciding the best way to tackle the brief. This book brings ideas together and helps to document my creative process, from research and initial concepts through to final outcomes.

FOUR FOOD leaflet front
FOUR FOOD leaflet back
Product Labels
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line labels

In supermarkets products in the FOUR FOOD range have green shelf labels indicating which products are organic, free-range, sustainably sourced or locally produced.

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