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Forming Connections

Brand Identity, Motion graphic, Typeface, Icon set, and Website design for Your Computer People. Like a computer chip, YCP helps customers form the physical building blocks of computers and software.

Landing Page.png
Motion Graphic
Forming Connections.png

Smoothly transitions and connections are formed - YCP can help clients stay connected effortlessly, avoiding downtime and creating lasting dependable relationships.


Lines cover otherwise unused space - YCP help’s customers evolve their digital experiences for both themselves and potential customers. Allowing businesses to grow and develop along side technology.

We've got IT covered.png
Type Face.png

‘YCP Connected’ is display font custom made for Your Computer people. Each letter follows the structure as ‘forming connections’ computer chip visuals, formed from only circle outlines and straight lines. Formations are simple yet effective, offering the opportunity to transform visuals and portray personality whilst adding a unique feel.

Type Experiment.jpg
Website Design
YCP Home.jpg
YCP Contact.jpg
YCP Services.jpg

The smart, current and hassle free design hints at the experience customers can expect and depend on. The easy to navigate site allows visiters to find what they need within a couple of clicks, whilst showcasing the expertise and wide range of services YCP has to offer.

Icon Design
icon web2.jpg
icon web.jpg

The clean icon design displays the easily accessible services YCP offers customers that won't leave them feeling confused.

Mobile Design
Mobile Design.png

With around half of all online traffic coming from mobiles having a responsive website that’s as user friendly and well designed on a mobile as it is on a desktop is more important than ever before. 


The mobile design transfers the simplicity of the desktop website onto a smaller screen without compromising on the content or design. Allowing visitors to have a coherent experience and easily navigate YCP’s website whereever they are.

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